Howie's call works


Nov 5, 2015
I can testify that Howie's copper top call works. This morning is WV youth season and I took my grandson Landon hunting. We knew where some gobblers were hanging out so we set 1 Jake and I hen decoy in the edge of the field plus 1 jake in the woods. At daylight there were turkeys on both sides of us. A few soft clucks and yelps got their attention. 30 minutes or so 2 gobblers came out about 75-80 yds away. They spied the decoys and the show started. Gobbling, strutting and getting closer. At 17 yds Landon squeezed the trigger. Bang, no flop. Straight down. He was using a Winchester 1200 20ga 1oz #6 . It is his first with a shotgun and my first using a copper top friction call. Thank you20220416_070844.jpgIMG_6085.jpg20220416_070928.jpg Howie for the sweet sounding call. Dan.
Absolutely fantastic Dan on all fronts! The successful day with your grandson, the beautiful turkey, the wood stocked pump shotgun, and the quality hand made call. You couldn't ask for a better mix of ingredients.

Making memories and good ones. A man can't buy those kind of days. Congratulations to all of you.
Congratulations to your grandson. Landon sure looks satisfied with his first bird, and many more to come. It's awesome seeing them being taught the shooting skills by the older generations. I'm going to have to teach my grandkids soon. Outstanding wvbuckbuster to hear that the Howie call works.