Hunt with Iliwa Safaris


Apr 1, 2009
My daughter(Kelli) and I had a great hunt with Iliwa Safaris in South Africa on a huge property. It was all spot and stalk even though they had to tone it down for an old, disabled hunter like me. We took a bunch of great animals and had the best time.
Here is a photo of my waterbuck. One shot at 254+ yards with my 338win mag and 225gr Swift A-Frame bullets and he dropped on the spot. 29.5" horns 9.75" at the bases.

Here is Kelli's Kudu 46" horns, 9.5" bases and 34.5" wide. It will make a pretty mount. One shot with her 257Roberts and 120gr Swift A-Frame bullets and it dropped at135 yards.

Then Kelli's huge Red Hartebeest. It had horns 23" long. Range 250 yards and dropped.

My biggest Impalla. It will place well into the books. Shot at 280 yards Horns 26" long with 21.5" wide at the tips.


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Congratulations to you and your daughter on your safari,
Those are some awesome animals.

Great hunting time for you and your daughter. Thats some great animals you folks got there.
You and your daughter did extremely well. Congratulations to both of you. Man, that had to be great to share the hunt with her. I'm envious of you.
Great photos and you've given your daughter memories that she will cherish long after you are gone.
Congratulations on a great hunt.