Hunter may use Bruen to beat gun rap.


Dec 11, 2010
Hunter may use Bruen to beat gun rap. The title says it all.
Associated Press
If he does and is successful, ever darn felon who ened up in jail can use Bruen to either get out of jail not get sent to jail at least on a gun charge and probably have their conviction removed from their record. Somewhat ironic to me.
Paul B.
Of course, I'd expect the AP to present this particular take since it was about the Biden boy. Fascinating how the MMS is doing all they can to protect Joe and Co.
And DADDY want more gun control laws. Last week DADDY appointed KAMALA the gun control czar. Any of us would be sitting behind bars.Ihope the day comes that him and DADDY are behind bars.
Hunter Biden and Trump need to be locked up. Keep in mind boys, Donnie trump wants to abolish the's not fake news. It,s fact !!!!!!