Hunting weekend ehead


May 26, 2018
My usual hunting area is rather quiet right now.
Roe come out too late, boar are with the neighbors, because they have corn. Our felds are all bare. Red stag are irregular anyway.
So I decided to visit a friend with high hopes for fallow deer, maybe roe and boar.
My Creedmoor is still waiting for the first kill, so cross fingers I will not just watch the scenery!

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Me too! Deer tomorrow and Moose on Sunday.

Good luck!!
I guess no moose for me.
Even if one crosses all the way over from Poland I don't think I am allowed to take it.
Good luck - or Waidmanns Heil as we say here - to you!

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So far, so good.
Early a racoon came my way. At 15 yards I made him stay.
A young good roe buck came by, but I let him pass.
Maybe I see him again in a few years.
Then a fallow doe came with two faws.
One of them went straight down at 180 y.
Now first coffee of the day and then I will see how it goes on.

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In the evening I could add a roe buck to the list

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Another fallow deer and yesterday's buck.

Yes, I used the Creedmoor with the 122 grain Lehigh.
So far, it does what it shall

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They have lots of game compared to where I normally hunt. Skipped the rest of the day, because I couldn't transport more anyway and cutting those 3 up will keep me busy.
The wolf is back in that area for two or three years now and herds tend to get bigger. Which means it is not easy to pick the right one standing free.
Law is faws before does. But it is virtually impossible to shoot the right doe once the fawn is down.
Today I had a very strange situation: I was on the same stand as for the roe buck.
They spooked when they got the scent, but came back to sniff the place. Just like a pack of predators.
I shot the fawn within 5y of the buck when it was standing free with no other behind.
I switched between scope and bare eyes all the time to make sure it was really safe.
Ended up too high (lack of focus on the target?), but it went straight down.
Hope the backstraps are not damaged too badly.

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PS: that is the exit on the buck. Not bad for a fragmenting copper.similar on the fallow deer. No stray fragments so far, apart from the ones close to the exit. Seems they do not wander much.
I will see how it looks under the hide.

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Shooting is definitely faster than butchering!

Everything in the freezer now, just cooking the cut-offs for the dog and cleaning up.
I need a house with a dedicated room for that - the kitchen is not the right place for that.

Lost parts of the off-side shoulders, otherwise all fine

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I'm off hunting tomorrow, I promised to get a stag for my friend, one has been roaring for over a week now, I just hope he is there in the morning!
Congratulations! Looks like fine eating. Can I ask what unleaded bullet you're using? I've seen one from RWS that looks interesting for a 6.5x68. It's a bit light for a 6.5 at 93 grains, at least compared to our usual stateside offerings, but I'm hoping it would work about like an E-tip and penetrate well. Much of Germany is lead-free and at 3,700 FPS it should make for a dandy gams cartridge.
Hi Joe,
Those were the first four shots on game with the Creedmoor.
Currently I use the 122 gr Lehigh controlled chaos.
It fragments in the front. One shot hit the off-side shoulder and left quite a mess for such a tiny bullet.
I will go on with it for now. If it damages too much, I will try a deforming bullet instead of fragmenting. The Fox gets good critics, though the BC is far from good.
But out to 300y it should do the job, even with the Creedmoor.

Are you talking about the Evo green from RWS?

Puuhhh. That is a soft one and will probably disintegrate completly at 6,5x68 speeds.nothing like the etip.
If the meat is not important, ok. But I guess the gams will look like hit by a granade if you are closer. BC ain't good either.
If you don't reload, there are few alternatives I fear. Sax has one I think, otherwise a commercial reloader might help.
With that cartridge, I would use a stronger bullet.
What is the twist on that rifle?
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