Hunting weekend


May 26, 2018
Last weekend we visited a friend for some hunting.
We - that is my former boss with whom I did the hunting licence together, a friend one who's lease I regularly hunt, my girlfriend (aka my Home-Boss) and or host - the son of my first boss. So lot's of boss stuff around ;-)
My girlfriend has a hunting license,too. But she didn't bring her rifle since she didn't practice and is still unsure if she wants to kill animals herself.
Or host and the guy I hunt with did their licence together, so they know each other from 14 years ago.
We arrived on Friday and instead of going out to hunt boar, we had dinner and cought up on the last years or decades.
Next morning, I took the others to their seats (our host had to catch up to some sleep), took my girlfriend and our dog to another one and we settled in. We saw some roe deer, but primary target was fallow deer. At around 8:00 I we heard a shot from my former bosses place and the first deer was down. My friend saw some, but out of range.
So around 10:00 we headed back for breakfast.

We went out again around 13:30 and I saw a herd of 50+, but riders and people cutting wood kept them away from me. But I heard a shot behind me, were my friend sat.
I got a WhatsApp message saying he hit, but maybe low. So I advised him to way 15 minutes before taking a look. The deer was down.
So he did, slowly walking up. At ten meters, it still was down. Then he stepped on a twig and he said it bolted like the roadrunner from the comics. His quick follow up shot connected, but instead of in the neck, it was more in the back. We have to see how much damage that did, but it went down for good.
Nothing more for me that day, so back for dinner - back of fallow deer with potatoes and red cabbage.
I skipped the boar hunt at night to get some sleep...
Next morning found me in the stand were my friend connected the afternoon before.
Usually the herd spends the night there, but not that day.
At around 8:00 with good light, three fallow deer stepped out 30 meters right from me. I swung there, picked out the right one and the Creedmoor spoke. It went back two steps, came back out, turned a circle and went down.
Nothing for the others that day, so back for breakfast.
We discussed going back, but decided that we all scored and it was one of the best weekends in years and are sure that it won't be the last one with that group!
No pictures to share this time...
Definitely sounds as if it was a good weekend for you, despite being in the midst of all those bosses!