Ignorant Deer


Jun 15, 2019
Went out early this afternoon about 1:00 and saw two deer, does, standing in the back yard in a steady rain. Came back about 2:30 and there were two different does feeding along about the same spot, just a bit away, again in the rain. Clearly those deer have never read a hunting magazine or watched a hunting show. Otherwise, they'd know that deer aren't active in the afternoons , and don't go out an about in the rain. Honestly, I've no idea what's happened to their education these days.
Deer are definitely active midday and during rain. I have watched them get up, move around, relieve themselves, and lie back down, just like we do.
While I was checking my zero for opening day next Saturday.
I was looking at my target through the scope when it became obscured....
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At a public range a few years back, in Virginia, and we had to check fire when a doe just wandered out in front of everyone at about 30 yards. Just walked out, looked at us all staring at it, then kept going and exited stage right.

Oh, same two groups of does were back today. There's a pair and a foursome. All of them are in mature/ yearling pairs.
Have regularly had deer and moose, and even an odd black bear, appear on the local ranges while shooting over the years...
For all of us that spend all that time and effort scouring the countryside for game, when we should just be going to the range! :rolleyes:
We had a wild boar run out on the M2 50 cal range back in the 80’s when I was in Germany. He didn’t make it off under his own power. You could watch the tracers chase him down.
Okay, fine. This was down, I understand, at the Orchard site in south Idaho, and one of the battalions was running live-fire gunnery, using thermally marked targets. The TC would mark a target, gun would slew and the gunner would confirm on vis, repeat back the target ID, and shoot. Well, apparently, that area is open range, same as Sailor Creek and a cow managed to wander out on the site. Also, apparently, the cow gave off just about the same amount of heat as what they were using to mark targets. So, the TC calls out an unknown target, the gunner yells back : It's a cow!, then hits it with a sabot at 1800 meters.

I have some questions, but it's still a good story.

I know Mountain Home had to pay out to a rancher who claimed that an F-16 T-POD had given one or more of cows cataracts. I guess with the laser? Not sure how that was supposed to give a cow cataracts, or why anyone would care for a beef cow, but sure, why not?