I hate the .308 Winchester cartridge!

I see your point. :? Very discouraging, without a doubt. :mrgreen: Some fine shooting, sir. (y)
I'm sure somebody would buy it from you to use for making a lamp or something.
I'll say , I wouldn't want bothered with that thing either . :lol:

excellent shooting !
You got lots of moxie posting such a group :grin: I'm not sure it would even make a good boat anchor, doubt it would even hold the boat in place.

Excellent shooting by the way. (y)
That's the trouble with the 308. Guys make it shoot well with boring regularity..... :) . Pretty sweet. Congrats. CL
Fantastic shooting , congratulations!!! Can we see a picture of the rifle, or a description?
Great shooting! Man, you have gotta like that.

What are the specs on your load and such?
WOW, I can see why you are disappointed 8).
That is some mighty fine shooting (y).
Thank you for the post and photo.

I could use it for a door prop if you don't want it, PM me for my shipping address :grin: . Never was a fan of the 308 but did like the 7.62mm in the M60 and M14:mrgreen:
Nice shooting.
You have been through enough, just send it to me and I'll properly dispose of this rifle.
Nice shooting.

Elkman":2y0gq6aq said:
Fantastic shooting , congratulations!!! Can we see a picture of the rifle, or a description?

.308 Rem M700 VS by Sharps Man, on Flickr

Standard Remington M700 action/barrel. I bought the only left-handed action rifle Remington is putting out today with a heavy 26" barrel, tore it out of the stock it came in and bedded it into the stock you see in the photo. It's an HS Precision stock that Remington several years back offered which was called their VS model. I had one back at that time but in a weak moment let it get away from me. Stock has an aluminum bedding block as being as how I don't have a milling machine I couldn't bed but I have a friend that does and he routed the aluminum such that he could bed atop it and when finished the action was as smooth as glass!

Load I shot that group with is 47 grs. Varget behind the Sierra Palma 155 gr. bullet and I use F210M primers and Winchester cases which I neck turn to .012" thickness. I FL resize and last operation before I measure the powder charge is to run the necks of all the cases up into an expander plug that measures .3075". I found out quite some time back that this last process delivers very consistent neck tension.
Again, that's some nice shooting.

Varget and those 155 are starting to go together like peas and carrots. Or, something like that.
G'Day Fella's,

Nice shooting Muldoon and I to like boring rifles.
Here's an image of one of my .308's, and a group I shot with a similar load.
FYI, Varget and ADI AR-2208 are the same powder, and these were chronographed over a Oehler 35P.

The load is just a load without the rifleman; that is some fine riflery, Homer. (y)
Man we have some members that can shoot lights out :wink:!!
Very fine shooting Homer (y).
I was never fond of the 308win but I never stated I knew anything either :mrgreen:!