I picked up 2 ......


Jan 14, 2008
I went up to Cabela's in Post Falls to transfer that Henry single in 45-70. Picked up some powder and a box of 350gn FP Hornady.

I also grabbed some 22WMR ammo since I purchased the display model Henry steel lever. Got 10% off. Cleaned up both guns. Shot about 20 rounds out of the 22. Yea eyes are to old, I ordered rings for it. Too bad....
The 45-70 with factory federal 300 gn, resting front elbow, I took 2 shots at a 8x11 tgt at the 100 yr mound and wow 2 holes in the tgt. Again struggled with the open sites. Rail for mounting the red dot should be here next week. Recoil with light gun is like a hot load in a muzzleloader.

I'm about to put boots on and head out with the Creed to smoke some white rocks at range with my son. Its nice to jump in SxS and in 5 minutes be thru the gate into timber land. Beautiful day today ... All around.
Sounds like a good day and a great location.
The 45-70 is a hoot to shoot. Enjoy 😊

Never owned a 22mag, but love my 45-70. Also reminds me how much I miss living in that part of the world. Now, if I could only afford to move back...