I found a Traditions Vortek pistol.


Dec 5, 2008
I went rambling to some local gun shops and one had the Traditions Vortek camo pistol in the display case. I took a look at it and the owner said if I was interested he would make me a real deal on it. He said that some fellow had given him $100 two years ago to order it. When it came in the number the fellow left to call came back as no longer in service. The fellow never came back to see about it. The owner said that I could have it at his cost because he already made $100 on it and it was just taking up space because it took a a special person to be interested in things like that. So it followed me home. I needed a scope mount for it so I did what the instructions said in the paper work. I called Traditions to order one. I got some younger sounding fellow. When I told him what I wanted he said abruptly, "That pistol is out of production and it no longer supported". That kind of caught me off guard. I said, well I just purchased it new yesterday. He said "we did not sell it to you". I said yes but it was made by the Traditions company. He said "Does not matter, it is out of production and there are no mounts available." I said is there any other makers mounts that will fit it. He said "I don't know." I said that it was very poor engineering on Traditions part to drill the pistol and the rifle for different hole spacing scope mounts. The rifles have a 4 hole and the pistol have a 3 hole and the first two holes on the rifle base will not line up with two of the holes on the pistol. I went back to the store that I bought the pistol from. He said that he thought he had a base for it but it turned out to be for the rifle. He gave me this base and I came home and drilled a hole so the second barrel hole and the first hole can be used but got the alinement just a hair off center which causes a hair right alinement after mounting. The third hole on the barrel and the next hole in the mount line up half a hole off so just one hole in the mount and the one I drilled are useable. I am going to try a red dot sight I ordered on this and hope it has enough windage adjustment to allow this to work. The red dot sight is much lighter than a scope so I hope the two screws will hold OK. If it does not I guess I will have to find another Weaver style base and start the drill process all over again "being more careful this time" to get everything PERFECTLY aligned.
The pistol has great open sights but with my old eyes I can't see the front sight clear enough to be using it for deer hunting which is the intended use of the pistol. If I wear reading glasses to see the sight my intended target is way too out of focus.
Might if I get the chance go back to a store in the next town that has a BIG gun department and see if they will just let me look through their Weaver bases to see if I can match a one piece base that two or the holes will line up. I have already gone to all the local stores and searched on line and exhausted my options as to finding a Traditions # A1783 scope base that is needed. If you have one or know of one for sale let me know please.
As the pistol goes it has a great light trigger and balances well, about like a 14" T/C Contender. I have some loose 2 & 3 F Hodgdon 777 to try. It states that up to 70 grs loose powder can be used with a 250 gr bullet. Will be trying the sabot and bullet I shoot in my Knight rifle. Black sabot with 250 gr Hornady XTP 45 cal. pistol bullet. Should do between 1200 and 1300 fps which at those speeds I know will smoke deer out to 100 yards because I and a friend have done it with Ruger 45 Colt loads running this velocity.
A little update. Since my plans for this pistol is deer hunting inside 60 yards I got a Sig Sauer Romeo5 red dot with a 2 moa dot and mounted it on the base that I drilled a little off and there was enough adjustment to be able to get it on bore sighting it with some adjustment left over. I am going to try it and see if only two screws will hold the base on ok. I used blue lock-tight on the screws. If this does not work I got some JB Weld Steelstick and will apply it to the scope base over the off drilled hole and the hole in the base that is a half a hole off in working with the third screw and drill again for the 3 screws and give that a try. With the weather, work, Christmas and deer season still going on it may be a while before I can shoot the pistol to see what happens.