Leather care for outdoor holsters...


Oct 28, 2008
I've been carrying concealed for a good while and the issue of proper care (waterproofing) of holsters has never crossed my mind...I tend to stay in out of the rain.

But with the Glock 40 being a hunting, hiking, ATVing firearm.... The thought has now crossed my mind.

I have a Guides Choice chest holster for the big 10mm Glock.

I called and spoke to Diamond D today, they advised me not to use anything except some extra virgin olive oil on the holster itself... I know you don't want to soften a holster that is formed to a pistol, but I would like to preserve it.

On the straps though, anything good works fine... I'll use Obenhaufs.... But I'm not sure exactly what to do for the holster itself.

I'd like to darken the whole setup.

I figured some of you guys and gals had some well worn leather... How have you kept them in good shape?
I make my living making holsters, so I can share a bit of info. If you want to feed the leather and make it a bit darker, use 100% Neatsfoot Oil (Not Compound) or you can use the Olive Oil, but it can go rancid. Put a bit on a cloth and rub it on. Don't do a heavy coat, as it will soften the leather if applied too heavily. Several light coats would be better than one heavier coat if you want to darken it further. I would not reapply unless it gets severely wetted or left in the sun and dries out. I have concealment rigs that I have been wearing for 10 years that have had nothing applied to them other than sweat, and they are still going strong.

Bick4 is another good surface treatment, but again, light coats.
I have never heard of Neatsfoot Oil going rancid. Not going to say it can't happen, but Neatsfoot has been used for centuries. I have heard of lots of guys using Olive Oil, but not sure why. I don't oil any of my holster stuff.
I've had my Guides Choice for a long time. Wear it every day all summer long. I asked them the same question 6 or 7 years ago.
I haven't treated mine with anything but fish guts, sweat, lots of rain, sand, mud, dog slobber and probably a little fuel.
I've even taken a hose to it once or twice. It has darkened with use and other wise is as good as the day I got it.
The only fault I've found is I've lost several of the Chicago screws securing the straps. Always the left side. My guess is hanging on to a 200 HP tiller has something to do with that.
Absolutely no indication it's wearing out or otherwise failing.
A little oil to darken it,sure. Otherwise I don't think you have to worry much about maintenance.

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