Lenard Brownell 7 Rem Mag

I have a ton of those and 160 BBC's that I can load up soon. The 160 in a 7 Rem at 3000+ has always been my gold standard for hunting. I am really enjoying working with this old rifle.
FWIW, Sue shot her bull moose with the 160 gr PT from her 280AI at 3000 fps. At 262 yards, 2 of the 3 bullets exited the beast.
Yeah, it's the gold standard.

It’s great to see you taking that rig out in the cold and getting her all dialed in! Are you thinking she’ll make the trip out West this year as your primary?
Wow that's a beautiful rifle. I do remember your friend and always enjoyed reading his posts. If I remember correctly he was a fan of the Bitterroot bullets in fast twist barrels. He was why I tried a faster twist 270 Win a few years back. It will be neat to see what loads you come up with,
I stole a 7 Rem Load from a buddy who also has another 7 Rem Mag. I tried a few charges of RL26, Peterson Brass, CCI250 and the 145 LRX and got this.

I need to check it in once fired brass, but I am pretty happy if this will repeat or even get a skosh better. Haven't put a chrono on it yet, but I'd think it'll be plenty fast.
Nice RL26 load you got going there👍
RL26 is what I stuff into my 7mm Rem mag also.
I’m guessing it’ll make the journey to WY this fall if it’s shooting like that!
Went back and rechecked 70 and 70.5



I am calling 70 my hunting load for this fall with the old rifle. 3200 is good enough for an old school 3" high at 100 yards and a 300 yard zero. I can't wait to get it out to Wyoming and air it out a little!