Lever Action Bullets


Feb 22, 2021
Dear Nosler,

Will you make a nice round nosed E-tip bullets for 44 and the 45 cals? Non-lead is becoming more of a thing and straight wall cartridges seem to be hear to stay

.44 Cal - .44 Rem Mag and .444 Marlin (Roughly 180 or 200gr so works with the .44 RMs relatively small powder capacity)
.452 Cal - 45 Colt, 454 Casull, 460 S&W (works with lots of revolvers and lever actions which are now made in those chamberings) + Let's not forget 450 Bushmaster, relatively short fat bullet helps with limited length in AR mag wells and in lever actions / AR platforms I doubt impact speeds will be so different.
.458 - Who doesn't love a 45-70 and why not in a more sensible speed deer load for 458 WM and Lott...?

You do it for 30/30, come on, try for the other calibres as well

Here is a start, if they work as well as their rifle bullets you will be very happy.

I am giving these guys a try:

It would be nice to have a choice. There's a 205gr 44 cal VRG 3
Well folks, Hornady have got non-lead revolver ammo out. Nosler still seem nowhere close with their offerings
Here is an immediate option...

I’ve been shooting the Hornady Monoflex at 3000’ish from my 458 Win Mag. Pretty accurate bullet and I suspect it might work pretty decent on normal sized animals.