LH Remington 870s


Nov 25, 2013
I have owned a RH Rem 870 Tactical for a while now and it handles and shoots slugs (both 2 3/4" and 3") just fine with its 18 1/2" smoothbore barrel. I really like the extra capacity of the tube magazine on this model, and the ghost ring sight and the front sight having the bright line on it to pick it up in low light conditions. (While the bevelled muzzle break has a cool factor to it and may help in a situation where you need to defend yourself with an empty shotgun...just don't know that it overly necessary on a shotgun for 99% of the time.) The picatinny rail is a nice option for mounting a red dot optic or scope, and I did buy the Leupold Delta Point Pro for it, I just haven't gotten around to mounting it as yet (open sights working just fine, and what I am used to).

Although it isn't LH, I have always used the RH 870s for testing and qualifying for bear watch work or for packing the corporate shotgun while out in the field working alone in bear country performing inspections in the oil and gas industry, so am well versed in handling these firearms under timed events and scenarios.
But this hasn't stopped me from wanting a LH version!
Never took the opportunity to grab a LH 870 set with the long and short barrels when I came across one at a gun store over the years, when they were more affordable...but those were seen prior to the bulk of my bear watch work and carrying one for work out while inspecting. Haven't seen one in years! (even used or at a gunshow)

When my Mom and her husband moved back to the area a few years ago, he drooled over this shotgun when we were out camping and fishing. He hasn't hunted much, and wanted a rifle for hunting big game (has shot and hunted a little over the years with a 303, 30-06 and a 308), and a shotgun for a goose hunt (is one of the items on his bucket list), and for camping/berry picking bear defense. He is a lefty (and left eye dominant) so I sold him a LH Tikka in 338 Federal for big game hunting and he is liking it real well (just hasn't harvested anything with it as yet).
Last spring I found a fairly inexpensive LH Rem 870 with a 28" barrel with 3 chokes. The stock in in rough shape finish wise, but the wood is otherwise undamaged, and the metal was in great shape. I then found a set of camo synthetic take off stocks, so we put that together for him for Christmas. He was like a little kid with his first Red Ryder BB gun on Christmas morning; couldn't wipe the smile off his face all day!
(Mom had a heck of a time keeping him from buying a LH shotgun (he saw the odd one from other brands) when he found one throughout the summer and fall, as it was to be his Christmas gift), but mostly by telling him he didn't have time or money for a shotgun and goose hunting (they in the midst of having a garage built and fencing their yard).)
I have been looking for LH short slug barrel for it for almost a year now here north of the border (and south) with no luck. :(
RH ones a plenty, but no LH ones, and they are not interchangeable.
I have now found a NIB LH Rem 870 slug barrel w/ open sights in the US and am having it imported here at this time. Will be able to swap barrels in time for him in time for the years first fishing/camping trip at the end of May. Mom will give it to him for his Father's Day gift!

I have come across a couple of LH Rem 1100s with longer barrels (28" and 30") for bird hunting...but as my main goal was an 870 with a short slug barrel, I never grabbed one. As much as I love the Remington 1100 Sporting 28 (which has never failed to function for us yet), guess I just want the extra reliability that the 870 is known for, for bear defense...plus here in BC, they will only accept the Rem 870 for this work! No semis allowed.
And the funny thing is, the guy in the US with the LH 870 slug barrel also had one for an 1100! Didn't know they made them too, but should have guessed it possible.

Funny how things work out on the end...
I was perusing one of the Canadian gun sale forums online and came across a mint condition,unmodified LH Rem 870 Wingmaster Slug Gun with a 20" smoothbore barrel with open sights. (It doesn't have the extended magazine tube, but this may be remedied...we'll see). I knew they existed from long past articles and pictures, but haven't ever seen one.
Needless to say, it is on its way!
I feel like I may have paid a little too much for it...but when looking for something that is seemingly scarce to source... he did accept my offer that was less than the asking price...and it will still be less expensive than what we have invested in acquiring the LH 870 with 2 barrels for the stepfather.
May change out the factory sights for some tritium sights for low light conditions, and may need to change out the butt pad...we'll see what shape the rubber is in when it arrives.