Father/Daughter Hunt


Nov 25, 2013
After our (wife and I) awesome trip to New Zealand, and planning on a couple more hunts for next year (Africa and New Zealand), and our great trip last fall where my daughter took her first moose and a stones sheep, and I got a caribou (having gotten my moose the week before), I have also been seriously contemplating a Father/Daughter hunt.

She has recently gotten engaged and they are working to buy a house and land this fall in central Alberta, so will not be planning any trips anywhere except local for hunting. Her bucket list animal is an elk, and possibly a grizzly bear. The elk we can hunt here in BC or Alberta.
Other than that, she is interested in hunting whatever game presents her an opportunity when we are out hunting together. And she had voiced a preference for free range hunting.

So, I am thinking of a free range hunt for some animal she may not be able to hunt in BC or Alberta. Any suggestions?
I have thoughts on the following so far:
- Red stag or Fallow deer in New Zealand, or
- Axis deer and/or blackbuck in Texas or Argentina,or
- Antelope in Africa.

I have even started to sell some rifles that are not getting any use (Marlins in 30-30, 338ME, 356 WIN and 444, as well as my Rem 870 Tactical - now that I have a LH Rem 870 slug gun) and ammunition, bullet, brass and dies, for putting funds together to help pay for this hunt.

What family hunts have you got planned?
And what are you doing to see it through?
If she is interested in African antelope the outfit I hunted with in South Africa has a huge operation on three separate ranches on the eastern cape. I want to say it’s 1million acres, regardless it’s’ huge. It’s all low fence. Unbelievable amount of game, including some very good looking Fallow deer.
I probably could have shot a kudu every day.
Crusader Safari, Andrew Pringle.
If it’s a big grizz she wants; Phil Byrd, Arctic North Guides. Operates out of King Salmon, near Ugashik narrows. Big big bears.
My youngest son and I hunt deer together every fall. Sometimes we go for bear as well.

And birds? Oh my yes! We both enjoy bird hunting, particularly pheasants. :)



Dad was my favorite hunting buddy for decades. He's gone now, but my son and I have become favorite hunting buddies. So glad that he started tagging along with me when he was just a little dude. :)

My daughter left our home in Texas after her USAF service & moved to Utah with her spouse and my only grandchild. Up to that point she was my wingman in every hunting venue. I'm proud for you guys that can still enjoy hunting time with your children.
Golly, I think any of those ideas would tickle myself and my daughter . I do t think there’s a poor choice among them. I suppose my daughter and I will do our normal whitetail
And black bear hunting in WV and VA, and around August go back to Alabama for hogs. Most excited about finally having my grandson tag along. I had three daughters, only 1 of which was interested in the outdoors, and no sons to take under my wing, but now the grandson is old enough to take along. I think hog hunting in summer will be a comfortable way to introduce him to hunting. He’s already laid claim to his Aunt’s 7-08, and has been practicing with 120 gr Speers, but we have a stash of 120 BT’s for hunting. Although I’m very tempted to work up a load with a 101 gr hammer hunter, that would make for a great MPBR.
I would hunt axis on Lanaii Hawaii and go during bird season, the end of November to end of Jan. There are some massive turkeys there in addition to francolin, doves, etc. There are tons of birds. You can hunt with a guide or pay to hunt DIY on the private property, which allows you to hunt any day of the week. I'm taking my kids there when my youngest turns 12. The last time we went we stayed on Maui with the family and my buddy and I took the ferry across to Lanaii to hunt for the weekend. We drew tags in the state draw and you can only hunt weekends when you do that.
Well, the hunt fund is on its way to being built; sold the 4 Marlins already!
Have added my Marlin 1894S and Winchester Big Bore in 375 Win to the list too.

She is leaning heavily towards a horseback hunt for elk in Wyoming at the moment...something I think we should do here in BC or Alberta...but it is her choice. She is coming to visit this weekend and we will being some more research and planning.
She likes the idea of a road trip and being able to bring the meat home.
And it's not like I would hate such an adventure! I had a blast when I went guiding with my Dad for Prophet Muskwa Outfitters in 2006!

Any recommendations on where and who to hunt with in Wyoming?
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Maybe consider aoudad in Texas or New Mexico. . .
Me and my two oldest daughters have a handful of good tags this year including a mtn goat and private property deer tag for the girls. The hard part is getting them to walk away from college and high school and sports etc to actually do a hunt for a couple days-
There are some pretty good suggestions for a father daughter hunt.
My oldest daughter is my hunter with a fair number of White Tail bucks to her credit. I hope to one day do a family hunting trip but nothing planned at this time.

If you’re willing to consider Idaho I think your daughter would enjoy hunting elk horseback with Billijo Beck.

Confession time. She’s a friend but I’ve never hunted with her. She’s a great lady and very hardworking. That much I can testify to. Besides hunting we share other interests in common and I’ll be seeing her on my way to Alaska in August. I do think she’s booked through 2025 for elk.

Tuna fishing looks like it would be fun! Good luck!

Thanks for the tip Vince...will check it out...hear good things about hunting elk in Idaho

Have also sent a message to Fred Eichler and Full Draw Outfitters in Colorado...haven't heard back as yet. Fred is a character and a hunt with him would be an adventure! (elk for my daughter and antelope for me) And my Mom was born in Colorado and I have never been, so a destination on my bucket list. Would be cool to swing through Jackson Hole and Yellowstone on the road trip.