Her 7mm-08 Mtn Goat

Thankyou for sharing. Congratulations to the young woman on a beautiful mountain goat. Hopefully you took a lot of pictures. Take some of the better ones and have one or two blown up and professionally framed. I think it would be really neat if your daughter took the time to sit down and write her rendition of the story from when she drew the tag, through the hunt, and to finally ending back at the pickup with her hard earned animal. She could print it out and have it professionally bound with her picture on the front of the story in a magazine type format. She could have a couple extra copies made which she could share with those close to her and those who helped on the hunt. Do a couple pages of just photographs in the story she would write up.

Another neat way to share it would be to have your daughter write her story and submit it to Wester Hunter Magazine or Eastman's Journal along with several of the best pictures. I think it's a nice way to share with other outdoorsman, family, and friends. If she is so fortunate to have her story selected for the magazine, she could purchase additional copies for that purpose. I wrote up the story on my grizzly bear hunt and it was published in Western Hunter Magazine! I shared it with a few close friends and family who really enjoyed it. Neat way to share the beautful mountain goat with others, and the wonderful story. The rest of us hunting fanatics enjoy seeing the average person having a good day on the mountain, and hearing their story! If they choose to print your story you also will get a couple pretty nice gifts.

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