Lipstick bullets Acme


Dec 16, 2009
Acme bullet company, hi-tek coated cast handgun bullets. They are a deep red color, looking like lipstick as the nickname implies. Anybody tried these? Anybody have load/chrono data on Hi Tek coated bullets in 9mm?

I have been shooting Missouri Bullet Company Hi-tek cast in 9mm, these were a slightly better deal shipped and they just look cool. Have had great luck with MB coated as far as leaving little or no leading. Assuming these will be similar.

My only concern is that some goofball somewhere might assume they are some sort of dummy round due to the bright red color. They look almost plastic. The 100 147 gr ones I got for carrying in the woods seem to be very uniform in lube coating, weight and sizing. I expect the 122gr I just ordered to be similar. ... uct_id=457
No data on the hi tek coated bullets. But I have shot a number or Moly coated pistol bullets and the "new" Moly coatings that are colored. They seem to load and shoot the same as any other bullets. I'm now shooting powder coated bullets as well. Load safely and shoot them. As for numb skulls... well... you can't fix stupid but I also only load for my self.
Powder coating lead bullets is the latest form of lubrication and there is no need for the old grease lubes we used when sized our cast bullets. They give fair to good 25yd accuracy but the powder coating hasn't proved its self at the 50yd line yet. You should find less smoke and lead in your barrel. They make kits for the average hand loader to coat his own bullets and is the same coating used on various metals and you can even powder coat your rifle.
There is some talk of the powder coating leaving a hard black coating in the barrel. Not sure if it is carbon or not, but it's hard to get out.
Look at Bayou Bullets also they use Hi Tech coatings.
A little Kano Kroil will make it easier to get the fouling out if there is any.
I always coat my barrels with hornady Moly paste after cleaning. Never had an issue with lead fouling and I gave not noticed anything else building up yet.
My summer's supply of plinking bullets came. A nifty 124 gr. truncated cone. Weights and diameters as well as coating consistency appear to be very good. 152$ for 2k shipped not a bad deal, and they threw in some cool extras from the wood lazer cutter. Seems like a quality outfit, I will do business again.