Loading 338 Cartridges

So far, in my 338/06, I've only tried a few loads with the 175H&H and the 200 NBT/200 NAB. I have arrived at a couple loads that I'm very pleased with. While I didn't chrono my loads, the same charges others have reported gave impressive speeds. I'm not going to have this rifle Ackleyed. I have a "history" of being an Ackley Addict, ha, but as I've gotten older, powders have become better, better bullets have come on the scene, plus, my preferred method of hunting hasn't changed. In fact I still hunt like a Bow hunter and get close shots one one end, and a "lean over the hood of the pick up for the Medium Range shot Hayfield hunter/Shooter", lol. I'm plenty satisfied with this little rifle as is.