Loading the 7x57 round. What is the potential

QL shows 52.9 Hunter with the 150PT for 64K/3000fps or so. I had pretty good compression with the 50gr charge, and I always use a 4" Drop Tube. But, I'm very pleased with the 50gr/150 ELDx as a General Use load.
Well the potential for my 7x57 is enhanced as there was a little RL17 available.
Check out the Speer manual #15. They have some interesting loads for the 7x57 including a 175 gr. bullet doing 2700 FPS. A ll my 7x57 rifles are modern and I eep it simple. I use 7-08 data for my 7x57 loads. The 7x57 case holds more powder than the 7-08 so 7-08 loads will have somewhat less pressure in the 7x57.
Paul B.