Local Find

Heavy Barrel

Apr 3, 2015
While I was snooping around a local sporting goods retailer, seeing if there were any inventory changes in the supplies that I'm in need of, I strolled past their clearance display where I was shocked to see a Nosler product on the shelf.

While I've seen the older boxes with the flip open top on them, I've never seen one with the bifold sides like this one, or a tape style seal, so I grabbed them and headed to the check out and out the door.

I get home with this find and upon opening them up, I find something else I've never seen before, "Nosler Bonus Bucks", upon seeing these unique features I can't help myself from wondering when were these produced?

Being in manufacturing myself, I know that the lot number tells the whole story. Including the die and press used for production, along with the lot numbers for the raw materials and their production dates.


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I can't help with when they were made, but I can say that it looks like a great find to me.