Lost Magazine Article


Sep 17, 2013
Sometime since the introduction of the Savage Impulse rifle I had a magazine with an article concerning loads a writer had developed for a Savage Impulse chambered in 300 Win. Mag. He found that the rifle shot some 200+ gr. bullets better than 180 gr. bullets. There was some nice load data which produced very accurate loads for 200+ gr. bullets. I had saved that magazine article for reference when I finally started loading for the 300 Win. Mag. Now I cannot find the magazine article. I have looked everywhere I might have saved it. It must have inadvertently gotten tossed.

Does anyone else remember reading the article and remember what magazine and edition it might have been published in? I subscribe to "Rifle" and "Handloader" magazines, but l also buy magazines off the counter when I see an interesting article. Also, people give me magazines.

I would appreciate it if anyone could help me find the article again.



Sep 17, 2013
I found the article. I called Wolfe Publishing and asked if they knew which magazine it might have been in. The helpful lady told me "Handloader" magazine, Issue 335, December 2021. Sure enough the title of the article is "The Perfect Pair". That is why I didn't catch it in the magazine's contents page. I didn't associate the name of the article with the contents I was looking for. Aaron Carter had some great groups with 200 gr. - 240 gr. bullets. in the Savage Impulse chambered in 300 Win. Mag.

Guy Miner

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Apr 6, 2006
Interesting. Back in the mid 1980's I got my first 300 Win Mag, a tang safety Ruger M77. Wish I had not traded it off, but it left so that I could get what became the "Green Machine."

I owned and hunted with that 300 Mag Ruger 77 for about 10 - 12 years. Initially I was all hung up on 180 grain loads at 3,000 ish fps. Not that I owned a chronograph in those days - nor did anyone I knew. But I read an article about 200 grain bullets and the 300 Win Mag... American Rifleman I think. Gave the 200 gr Sierra SPBT and the 200 gr Nosler Partition a try. Wow... That particular rifle shot better with the heavier bullets! I was using the 200 gr SPBT Sierra GameKing and 7828. Who knows what the real velocity was? Maybe 2800 fps? But it shot really well... I was learning. :)

I've retained my affection for 200ish grain bullets in 30 caliber.

Regards, Guy


Jan 6, 2011
My current REM 700 Sendero in 300 Win Mag shoots 200 gr AB’s and NP’s much better than the 180’s. I’m getting less than 1/2 moa with each using RL22 and 2970 fps with less than a max book load.


Dec 13, 2013
Well I've only owned two, both of those were 30 or 40 years ago. I used a 300 for 10 days in RSA, (borrowed) A 300 WM is on the shopping list. Dang thing is a death ray.


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Nov 4, 2004
All my 300 Win Mag experience has been with the 180 gr bullets. I have since become a heavy for caliber bullet fan and would be looking at 200 gr bullets in I were to dabble with the 300 Win Mag again.



Aug 16, 2011
I like heavy too , as long as you have the ability to get the velocity up . it's hard to beat heavy and fast .