Magnum Primers


May 22, 2012
I'm loading a 270 Win. using RL26 . Ran a ladder test with both a Speer 150 Hot Core and a Nosler 150 BT up to 60.0 grains. No pressure signs at all and good speed ie;2917 w/Speer and 3003 w/Nosler both at 60 gr. 22" brl. Aliant did not use a mag primer in their data but just wondering if anyone here has used RL 26 in non mag cases w/a mag primer.
When I had my ‘06 I would load it with 180AB, 57.0grs H4350 and a Fed215M primer, the magnum primer was not necessary but my ES and SD were cut in half when I switched to the 215M over the 210M. I see no issue in using a magnum primer in non conventional combinations.
I worked with a lot of 26 in my 280 and used mag primers toward the end of development with Sciroccos and IB's. I was getting vertical spread on the shots, and when I switched to LRM, the vertical stringing of the shots closed up pretty good, so I stuck with them over standard LR primers. I backed off from my LR primer loads and worked back up.
I load WLRM primers in everything. The velocity spread is 9 fps, and they work great. I have been using the magnums in the standard cases for a lot of years. Too much of a difference in velocity spread with the standard primers.
Mag primers all the way for me. I often have gotten better groups and SD rating. I use them with max loads and have not had any trouble. Mostly use Win in most but have a lot of CCI I use in my 223 and 204. I also have used Fed215 and 215M in my 25-06/7mm Rem mag/264Win mag and 338win mag.