Mauser 22-250.


Mar 6, 2017
Really happy with this rifle since I done the final step of bedding it after a 2 yr process off and on, of doing other little things to slowly improve accuracy.

It was a cheap rifle I picked up at a flea market so I haven't been afraid to experiment working on it trying different things, learned a lot actually of things that work, and things that don't, and things to look for.

It has a heavy barrel so along with bedding the lug and tang, I bedded it in kind of an unorthodox way by bedding the barrel a full 4.5" ahead of the recoil lug to help support the heavy barrel and take stress off the action. Free floated from there front. Figured if I didn't like it, I could easy enough take some of the barrel bedding out.

It has really made a previous load with 55gr V-max's come alive and be consistent. Several consecutive testings have resulted in 4 shot groups hanging down in the low 4's.

Shot it again the other day and it printed a 3 shot cold bore group of .286 on the right side of the dot. At that point I was done, load is working very well, no need to keep on testing. Went onto other things.

When I was done with some other shooting I decided to try something. The rifle before was fussy in the bags if you wanted a chance at shooting good groups. I put the same target back up and intentionally slid the front support bag well forwards under the forearm. Point of impact changed to the left side of the dot, but group size remained stellar. It's clicking with this setup.

cloverleaf":3qent1fp said:
Out standing! So what did you learn? If you haven't posted elsewhere ... CL

That's asking a lot. Lol. On and off testing over a long period. Little bit here, little bit there, going back and taking out more stock material, etc.

Some of the finer things I'm going to add to other rifles in the future would be hard to post in detail, but I'll list off the major stuff that showed improvements. Some without bedding. Some would be relevant just to Mauser type actions, some to all actions.

In no particular order of importance, or in order of when it was done.

Magazine clearance all the way around.

Side clearance of the action in the stock.

Clearance of trigger group on all sides in the stock.

Relevant to Mauser 98 and similar action. Changing the inletting in the stock to allow the bottom metal barrel the front action screw goes through, to slide freely over the protruding lug on the bottom of the recoil lug. Stock material was interfering with that before.

Rounded off the sharp corners of the square recoil lug on the Mauser action prior to bedding so it couldn't scratch or gouge bedding anywhere during recoil or return, so it didn't create a catch point.

Relieved the breech face imprint in the bedding with a needle file and fine sandpaper. Figured there's no point in taping off the front of the recoil lug prior to bedding to create a small gap for return, if the action is being held back by the breech face bedding. Can't prove that 1 worked, but it certainly didn't hurt!

I tested the barrel bedding concept and how far out to bed, by taking plumbers putty and adding small amounts of mineral oil to it to make it more pliable. Put the action in the stock and tightened the action screws. Cut off the excess. It basically done what the bedding done. Made a mirror image of everything forwards of the recoil lug and provided significant barrel support. Shot some excellent groups with that setup, but couldn't maintain consistency over temp changes, or taking it out of the stock, but it showed me it was likely to work.

Some of the stuff I can think of right now.
Some excellent ideas and interesting outcomes. I am in the process od bedding Dads Mauser in 7 mag. Since I'm furloughed, I have the time....Please check it out as I go along. There will be multiple questions and photos and updates as I can. Thanks again. CL