More Pheasants!

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Yesterday my son and I enjoyed another pheasant hunt. The dog did well, we brought home 5 birds.

I "almost" cost us the first bird! Hit, but poorly, 2nd and 3rd shots were probably misses. Then in flight, about 125 yards out, he just tumbled from the sky. Dog ran over and found him again. :grin:

The other four dropped a the shot. Nice mix of my son getting some, and me hitting some. That Beretta semi-auto of mine still shoots great, 20 years later. My son is still using that beautiful little side by side 20 gauge "Ithaca" by SKB.

Very nice. You've got some good meals ahead of you!

Looks like you guys know how to find them and hit em.

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That’s a good dog, knew that first bird was hit and loosing oil pressure. Well done

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