My son put the 7-08 to work again


May 13, 2020
IMG_2254.jpgIMG_2244.jpgSaturday morning my son got lucky. at 8:00 am we had a lone buck come cruising through the wheat field. My son actually spotted him first at about 100 yards. The deer started to walk perfectly broadside and at about 85 yds my son stopped him and shot him right through the lungs with the 120 Ballistic tip. The deer jumped and ran about 35 yds to the edge of the field and started to wobble. He turned broadside right before walking into the woods and my son put a second one right through the heart and dropped him dead. The excitement in our blind was amazing. He was so happy and proud as was I. This being the second on game experience with the 7-08 and 120 gr ballistic tip I am believer in this combo. I would take it on any deer hunt in North America with confidence. Thankful that the members of this forum convinced me to try them out. I had originally planned the 140 gr BTip or AccuBond but I am sold on that "little" 120 for the 7-08.
So dang much fun to see these kind of pictures, read these stories.

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That is a wonderful buck. Your son did a great job. You're to be congratulated for taking time to allow me to get in the hunt.
Congrat's to you and your son. Fine looking deer. Are you getting it mounted?
Congratulations to both of you. He sure is putting that 7mm-08 to good use. He must have had an excellent mentor. Fine looking buck.

A big congratulations! Excellent! Happy young man and deservedly so.

Can't see the bolt shroud and safety on that rifle in the pics, trying to figure out what brand of rifle it is?
Shade, it is a Savage 110 Hunter with accustock. It is actually my wife's primary rifle. However the spot we are hunting has a half acre food plot on one side and the huge wheat field on the side where he shot the buck. He carries his Remington model 700 compact 243 and we point that rifle out of the window to plot side of the blind. The 7-08 is out the wheat field side. In our experience of hunting that place during the rut, often the deer come through each spot so fast chasing that there is not enough time to switch rifles and rests from one side to the other. So which ever side the deer are on, is the rifle we use. He has practiced with both and is comfortable with both.
Sako, my son has asked several times to get it mounted so I do believe that we will. Thanks to everyone for all of the congrats and well wishes.
That's awesome. Congratulations to the both of you. Your son did a great job!

Wow! That's pretty darn impressive. I got rid of a really good 7mm 08 cause I couldn't take the recoil. :cry: 10 years from now he will be carrying a 338 "bee". Course, no need, the combo he's got will kill any deer/ elk/ sheep in NA. Congrats and very cool. CL
Very nice! My son started his big game career with a 7-08. He's since outgrown it but I want another one.
Thanks guys. We went out last night together even though he was just an "observer" and I was behind the trigger he was excited. When we go together and I am shooting I let my son choose which rifle I take. Last night he chose my Rem model 700 in 270. It is an older model with a wood stock on it. For some reason he has a sweet spot for wooden stock rifles, makes me proud inside, lol!!
Nice! He sure looks happy.
My son got his 2nd deer, and my daughter her 1st, 2 weeks ago, with 7mm08 using barnes 120gr ttsx ammo. Savage 11 compact LH.
I love seeing posts about the 7mm08 w 120gr, as I just bought 3 boxes of nosler bt 120 gr, to work up a load.
We went out again tonight, took my wife, my son and my 4 yr old daughter. My wife smacked two, I shot one doe and my son got one little one. I will post some pics later. Three deer dropped dead in their tracks, one ran 50 yards. I am LOVING the 7-08 with 120 Nosler BTips!
Wow. That's a nice haul for an evening hunt, congrats to all of you!
Reloadky, I'm about to load some 7mm08 120gr Ballistic Tip up. For our Savage 11 trophyhunter compact. Was planning on the 4350 loads, slow accurate one to start. What are you using, and do you have and reloading comments since you are using almost same gun? Thx