I'd pull one to see what the charge weight is. That would give you a clue as to what powder Nosler might be using.

Rant...for a 160bucks cdn per box...ridiculous rant over.
Man, sorry, that's a lot of money. A lot of the reason I got into reloading was the cost savings, but costs have gone up considerably even with. If you can duplicate the outcome with your own loads, it would be the way to go.

Nice group, though.
Oh i reload, got a 175ablr load im fine tuning. But it just pissez me off the prices for factory they get away with smh.
If you look at the current price of components here north of the border, if you can find them vs $8/round for factory ammo:
$2/bullet, plus
$1/primer, plus
$6/case, and plus
$1.29/round for powder.
Equals approx. $10.29/round, and doesn't include your $8/round is still less expensive that your ammunition per round!
Crazy costs for crazy times, but the days of cheap ammo are long behind is.
And the ammo is still the cheapest expense for any particular cost for a hunt.
Man you guys have it bad to the North.
That’s just ridiculous , especially the primer cost.
You are so right. It is ridiculous, but after spending most of the past year trying to find components for my 7mm RUM, I got lucky. I got Norma brass out of the U.S. and powder, Hodgdon US869 in Canada. I even managed to find a box (50 cnt.) of Nosler 160 gr. Accubonds in Canada. None of it was cheap. By the time the bullets arrived, the cost for them was $114 cdn. Primers I already had thankfully. From my Ruger No.1, five shot group at 100 yards prints 1/2 in. & velocity is 3336 ft. per sec. out of a 27 3/4 in. barrel. 50 rounds will last quite awhile. As I said, not cheap, but I'm okay with it. It's either suck it up or quit reloading & buy factory. No thanks!
If I use my 7/08 as the example then we are paying about:
$.77c a projectile (assuming you shoot almost anything other than Nosler or barnes bullets)
about $.41c per charge for powder
That's about $2.60 AUD per shot (obviously it gets cheaper as you re-use the brass). The cheapest factory I can find online is Hornady Superformance at ~$3.00 a shot (AUD). 30-06, 308, 243 is around 25c to 50c a shot less in factory. Loading for my 7/08 is still cheaper so long as I don't use Nosler or Barnes