Quick 5.56/223 question


Dec 29, 2018
So I'm gonna start loading some 5.56 for an AR that is not here yet. Just getting going while I wait. Ordered some bulk 55 gr fmjbt. Some first breech and some hornady. Just want to make sure that the .2235 and .223 diameters are ok. Everything I can find on the correct diameter is .224. Yes it's only .001 or .0005 but just would like some reassurance from you all that know way more than me.
A little off topic ish . First breech components suck. Both brass and bullets. Brass is an absolute disaster. Case mouths way out of round and I had atleast 15 of 250 that the bases where way out of round and not usable. Had a few bullets that where lopsided and not good but I only went through 100 of them. Yea I am use to Berger bullets and Alpha munitions and ADG brass for my 7mm08 and 6.5 prc but ya know. I hate spending money on trash. Lesson learned
If someone could ease my mind on the bullet diameter thing that would be great.
I load 22 caliber 55 grain Sierra BitzKings. They are described as .224 on the Sierra box.