Quickload questions/powder choices


Mar 5, 2019
I don't have quick load nor do I claim to know how to use it. So i have a question regarding the powders listed for any given cartridge in quick load.

I was searching the forums for threads and info on the 8mm mauser (8x57) and I saw where someone had posted some info from the quickload info for that cartridge. I noticed that there were powders listed in quickload that aren't found in traditional loading manuals or from bullet manufacturers, powder manufacturers, etc.

My question is why does quickload list powders that you don't see listed in other sources? An example would be Reloader 17 was listed for use in the 8x57.

I hope I made the question clear enough.

One reason might be that it is a German program and you might not have the powders in the US.

Will get worse by the way as several powders will no longer be on the European market due to a Regulation called REACH.

The software calculates with the available data and spits out powders that might work.
Easier than really testing it all to print it in a book...

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