Remington tanking

RaySendero":1bwmvbnu said:
I would hope your opinion isn't solely based on MSN reporting?!
It's not my opinion, and it's not solely MSN reporting. Similar stories in the WSJ, Reuters, etc. And it's well-known that Remington has been in financial trouble for quite a while. Add in quality issues over the last 15 or so years, plus the lawsuits that are in progress, and they are in a world of hurt. If you have information to the contrary (other than an opinion), please share it.
I own, and have owned, many Remington firearms, including Model 700 rifles over the years and Marlins, including ones manufactured in the past 20 years, and wouldn't hesitate to purchase another Remington, if I came across one that I fancied or provided me with something that I needed or wanted.(like another Remington 1100 Sporting 28 or a Marlin in 338 Marlin Express). All that I have owned have worked as they should.

I know bad press and lawsuits worry people when they are looking at products; I have found looking at the individual product to ensure that it functioned properly was more important to me than a bunch of media hype. If there was an issue and it was an easy fix, then I would just have it fixed so that I could get what I was looking for. If not, then I would determine if warranty would remedy the issue or continue my search.

Challenges are opportunities for new solutions!
Remington had sold Bushmaster because of the mass shooting. Not there fault but the Lawsuits are there.
I wish I could buy just Remington Firearms & Ammo Business. Now for a winning powerball number.
Well, at this rate, we might be able to pool our cash and buy them out. Think I've got about $38.17 I could contribute... :roll: