Ruger Precision Rifle


Apr 15, 2013
anyone tried one yet?

I have heard some outstanding things but no where around here to stretch their legs past about 250 so not worth the investment for me.

I do like the idea that it could be a "family" gun with all of the adjustments that can be made, maybe not the optimum hunting rifle with the weight but if you were hunting from a box blind I could see it being a good investment for a family with a few hunters
I know several guys that have picked them up. Solid performers on all accounts, and lots of aftermarket accessories hitting the market for them now too

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Same here. I've handled one, but haven't shot it. A couple of friends have them, and their rifles are doing very well at the rifle range.

I think Ruger has, once again, done a good job.

Updating this thread that I forgot about. I still haven't tried my 6mm Creedmoor beyond 600 yards, but it's a dinger out there. Rifle is standard, I added a decent Vortex scope and handload 107 gr Hornady ELD-Match bullets over either H4350 or Superformance. Both do well.

Ugliest danged rifle I own, but it's quite a shooter.




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While not a Ruger Precision Rifle, I shoot a very similar Savage BA10 Stealth which is Savage’s equivalent in 6.5 CM. It is topped with a Vortex 5x25 PST Gen II and I have quite successfully competed in F class to 1000 yards. Consistently shoots about half MOA. While all of the adjustments are nice, I personally prefer a more conventional rifle stock over the chassis stock. I shoot a 140 gr RDF with RL 16 at 2850 fps.

Happy to answer any questions you might have about this setup.
I almost bought a 338lm version, but went with the 110stealth. Reason being having 2 (110's) in 300wm (1 stealth and 1 ba/le). Increadable shooting rifles with hsm berger 210vld-h. 1 thing I can't stand about the 110's is the accu-trigger only because of the required bolt reset when not going thru on trigger pull.