S&W 4013


Jan 21, 2022
Picked up my first third generation S&W bottom feeder today. I’ve shot a few and always liked them but never got around to buying one.

Eventually I’d like to find the following third generation auto loaders: 4006, 1006, 1013, 4506, and 4513. Looking like my DA/SA collection will be growing. Y’all can keep your plastic fantastic. When I run out of bullets I want to have a gun suitable for beating a miscreant about the head and shoulders with.

Very nice Vince i like those older S&Ws the 4506 was the first pistol i ever bought. I currently have a 659 double stack 9
Good for you! I've shot one very similar (might even be the same model) many years ago. It was functional, accurate, fit me well, etc. More or less everything you might ask for in a DA/SA pistol. I really think you'll like it.
The holster for this pistola should be here tomorrow. Picked up a S&W magazine for it off eBay for a total of five. I’ll pick up another one in a month or two.