Sensible Cartridges


Nov 25, 2013
"Still, there a a lot of folks saying anything below 9,3x62 is a toy..."

There will always be those followers of Elmer Keith and a love of larger bores, and for them it works!
Then, therre will always be those followers of Jack O'Connor who preferred the smaller bores, and it too, works for them!
Personnally, I think both camps have their merits and I enjoy cartridges across the entire spectrum, and have used them well in the hunting fields and the harvesting of game.
Is the 6.5x55 too light for elk? No, it works just fine if you stay within the cartridge's effective range and useful energy limitations.
Is the 376 Steyr going to be too big for deer? No, it will work just fine, just as the 375 H&H has worked for animals within the tiny 10 classification in Africa for all these years.

If it is working for you and you are having fun and success, who cares what others think!
But it is very interesting to learn about their thoughts, knowledge and experiences!

Keep on shooting and hunting, and may all your shots be true!


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Oct 30, 2004
Blkram":kc619n2y said:
Read an interesting article on-line the other day about sensible cartridges;

well I am definitely out of the running of " owner of same"....LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:


Jul 27, 2015
RaySendero":336lmz1z said:
Sensible Cartridges only make sense when compared to the basics:

US: 22LR, 30-30, 270, 308, 30-06
Europe: 22LR, 6.5x55, 7x57, 8x57

"Sensible Cartridges" for your hunting would have to add something significant above and beyond these!

My experience that "to add something significant above and beyond these"

Is to either:
Get 50% more bullet weight at same velocity
Get 500 FPS faster with the same bullet weight.


Aug 19, 2012
I've used all on the list or their "modern day" equivalent. I'm not against short actions but they never scratched an itch for me. I tend to prefer the longer cased ( 06 size) renditions, especially for killing game. I also like the same length (06 length) in the magnums. I've had the longer ones, and liked them, but recoil becomes more noticeable and rifles heavier. Just a quirk of mine, all on the list are grand cartridges.