Seven calls go on a picnic


Apr 30, 2016
Ran into the gun club president at the grocery store and he asked for some calls for door prizes at the clubs summer picnic. I went with a simple half blasted glass over a glass resonator in zebrawood. Also etched a turkey track on the glass. I used measured amounts of water in cups so the glue bead is compressed equally across the calls. The XL toothpicks keep the glass from touching the sides until
The glue dries. If the glass touches the sides it will have a dead sound.


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Sharp. You have put a lot of time and effort into your production and quality control. The new owners will be happy. Dan.
Ah so during the off season you can use them as a coaster. I would have never thought of that. LOL
I had a buddy actually have me
Make him some coasters to give to his customers with his company logo under the glass. I just make them like turkey calls except no sound holes and glued cork to the bottom. 😅
I have never put any effort into hunting turkeys; I need to remedy that.
It's very addictive..Quite exciting when they gobble answering your calls and then trying to coax him into shotgun range without him changing his mind or picking you out with those eyes. My pop used to say "If they could smell as good as they see, you'd never kill one"