Shot a decent 8 yesterday.


Mar 6, 2017
35 Remington with 180 Speer FP.

Super windy yesterday. Not far from my house there's an area that they just finished up timbering 2 wks ago. Really opened the woods up, but big tops laying in there all over. My plan was to come in from the top side yesterday afternoon with the wind in my face and peer down over into those tops see if anything moved in there out of wind. Back out carefully and go 50 yds or so farther up, come in over the top and repeat that process on out the ridge.

Worked out well. Caught a buck on his feet at I'm guessing just under 100 yds. Thick and no shot, finally had a small opening between brush and saplings and he was quartered away. Bullet entered high and back, exited right behind the shoulder. Couldn't tell if I hit him or not as he was soon out of sight. Ended up going maybe 60 yds or so. Plenty of blood.

Drug him up to a stump for a pic. He was wider than I thought. I never really got a good look at him in the heavy brush and tops he was in, just knew he was legal.

Also shot a doe on the same hunt with the 35 Rem and 180 Speer's using the same method of sneaking in over the top of the ridge and looking down in the tops. She was 100 plus yds, put that 1 through the shoulders. Bang flop straight down, might of kicked a few times. Good day, windy and all.
I got 2 more doe tags to fill in 2 different zones. Next up is the BLR 257 Roberts if I can find any deer. (y)
Congratulations Shade. Nice buck and glad you got it and the doe with your 35 Rem. Your plan paid off. Hope you get to try out the 257 Bob. Dan.
That's the way to do it. Congratulations on a successful hunt. That is a fine looking specimen that you've pictured.
Thanks all. Bdbrown, I'm in PA.

I have what I feel is a better load that delivers more thump with pulling factory Rem 200 RNCL and spicing them up with H4895. But I got to looking on Gunbroker and with what that ammo is bringing I feel almost guilty shooting them when I have other bullets I can use.

The 180 Speer still did a good job. Put the doe straight down. The buck did not act hit at all the little bit I could see it taking off after the shot, I thought I missed. But he didn't go far at all out of sight and hit a logging that point the reality of getting hit with a 35 caliber bullet was setting in. He was bleeding good and stumbling through top edges off to the side and didn't make it far at all. Still a very dead deer in short order, just didn't act hit initially.
bdbrown66":xudhn7vs said:
My in-laws live in the Bedford-Altoona area. You in that part of the state?

That's not terrible far from me but still a good poke. Be 2 hrs or 2 hrs plus depending what route I'd take. I'm east, northeast of that. Like is typical of PA, a lot of mountains between here and there. Ha.
sako2":1x7nc7n8 said:
Shadetree are you around Clearfield?

No sir. That's still way west of me. Easiest general location of noticeable landmarks on a map is to say I'm in between Williamsport and Harrisburg. Out where people still have buchering day of hogs, and make scrapple, puddin, and cracklings, make apple butter, and build their own flintlocks. And plenty of neighbors around still let you wander across their land and hunt.

The way this world has changed in the last 30 yrs and the more I travel around the more I'm grateful and feel blessed to be born and live in the patch of earth I'm planted at.
I'm in the same vicinity. About 45 minutes north of Harrisburg and 45 minutes south of Williamsport. Mt. Carmel to be exact.
Sako2, you're about an hr to hr and 15 minutes east of me. Not that far. Used to get out that way and farther, on jobs quite a bit. Ashland, Centralia, Frackville, etc.
thats a little more than "decent" in my book! Cool that you shot it with that rifle and load. CL
On that top pic you might notice something conspicously missing. When getting ready for that afternoon hunt I made sure I had everything I needed. Enough ammo, couple of sharp knives, drag rope, pen to fill out a tag, string to attatch the tag, heavy gloves and face mask in case I ended up standing or sitting in that wind for a while, charged up headlamp in case I came out in the dark, etc, etc, etc.

All set. I get to where I'm going and get my rifle out of the back of the truck and immediately realized I forgot to put a sling on it when I got it out of the gun cabinet. Crapolla. Sure would've came in handy for carrying at times and for a sling wrap to help steady when I was standing propped off a side of a tree for both the buck and doe. Neither were easy shots, especially the buck. Oh well the good Lord looked out for my forgetfullness and it all worked out.