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Jan 3, 2023
I was very fortunate this year to attend the Shot Show in Las Vegas. This is the mecca for anything shooting, hunting, ammunition, firearms, or just about anything related to the things that we love. This show is massive in size to say the least. It is extremely difficult to cover the entire show in three days, just based upon the shear volume of displays and booths. This can be a very educational place to visit as all companies tend to send their very best people to this show to answer a vast array of questions. You can fondle all the very best in scopes, bullets, cases, firearms, stocks, reloading equipment, and the list goes on. You also learn very quickly what companies are in the game and those who are not! For example, I visited the Hornady booth and it was huge and amazing. Vast displays of all their bullet lines, reloading equipment, safes, and other items. I got to meet Steve Hornady and I commended him for doing something no other company has done in recent years, and that was fill the shelves with product. The booth at Federal, CCI, Remington, and Speer was very informative and they were very open to sharing what bullets were produced where and used in what product line. Then I made trip to the Nosler booth. I must mention, I am fan of the Partition and the AccuBond bullets for hunting purposes. I was totally disappointed by what I encountered. No bullet displays, four rifles on a rack, and some suppressors to look at. There where several empty bullet boxes on a shelf and three people in the booth and not one greeted me. I left this booth thinking is this an extension of what we are seeing in the market place with shelves that are empty of Nosler components. I am sure John Nosler must be rolling in his grave!
Regardless, the Shot Show is something everyone should put on there bucket list.

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Don’t understand Noslers decision process of late. Number of issues on this forum regarding their rifles as well. I am grateful they recently built some 100 gr. BT for my 257. Bought enough to get through the next five years I think. Hate to think they’ve forgotten which segment of the shooting industry built their reputation.
I will affirm and admit I have no interest in hunting with any other bullets. I may have been hoarding a little as at 68 I've enough Accubonds, partitions or ballistic tips on hand in at least 5 calibers to satisfy my hunting needs, probably not my shooting needs. I hope that being able to pick up 100 gr BT is an indication production is starting to catch up.
Disappointing to hear about Nosler's poor representation at the SHOT Show.
All I can say is that the AccuBond is still my favourite hunting bullet, and I am still a fan of the Ballistic Tip and Partition, and am thankful that I have a good supply on hand to meet my needs for the foreseeable future.

I have to say that I am very impressed with Federal ammunition too, and the performance I have experienced to date with their Terminal Ascent ammunition. The bullet has performed well on the game taken to date with the 6.5 CM, and accuracy in the 6.5 CM and 270 Win is very good, and the accuracy with the 300 WSM 200gr TA is acceptable for hunting with the first attempt at grouping. Looking forward to seeing how the 6.5 PRC TA ammo performs when it gets here. The technician I talked to at the Federal Custom Shop recently was very likeable, helpful, and informative!
What was Federals' SHOT Show presence like?