Sitting against a tree Wednesday afternoon


Feb 5, 2022
My hunting load for my .308 Win. this season has been 46 grains of Varget, 150 grain Nosler AccuBond, Starline case, and 200 CCI primer.
My rifle is a Tikka T3x compact with a 20” barrel.
My sighting in resulted in a 2.25” 3 shot group, off a rest, at 300 yds.
My success was a medium sized Doe Wednesday evening.
My shot was approximately 60-70 yards. She was quartering to me, and was moving up a small rise when she stopped to look to her left.
the bullet entered just in front of her right shoulder and excited just behind her left.
She bolted and ran maybe 40 yards? And piled up under a sapling.
There was a very easy to follow blood trail.
Unfortunately the heart was destroyed as I think that’s good eating, and the lungs were not much better.
Processing her last night showed a .308 diameter entry hole and a 3” diameter exit hole.
Not Mr. Big who is in the area, but she should eat well.IMG_5421.jpeg
Congratulations on your deer. You have a good load for your 308 and the results show it.

Congratulations on a successful hunt. It must be gratifying to for your loads to work so well.