Snowstorm Woes

Well another set of driveN gears worn out. The driveR gears are fine. This is the second time this has happened.
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Here’s the set I replace in 2020 , exactly the same issue.
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The factory gears lasted 20 yrs before I broke them. Those gears showed no wear except I broke teeth off of them.
Just disappointing to say the least.
Maybe a local shop can heat treat the new gears before you put it back together. Might give you longer life before the next repair.

Maybe a local shop can heat treat the new gears before you put it back together. Might give you longer life before the next repair.

That’s is thought , however I’m wondering if John Deere is leaving them softer for a reason. I had to order this tractor in the beginning of 2000 because of a demand for them. I received my in fall of 2000. John Deere put a larger engine in early 790’s , then a few years later they went back to the smaller one. I have 2 John Deere 790s one with the larger engine the other has the smaller one. Night and day difference in power between them. It is a well known problem with these tractors that the 4wd is the weak link. People were breaking these gears like I did the first time , so I’m wondering if they soften one of the gears to prevent breakage.
This one has the loader on and it has lived a hard life clearing and putting in food plots , clearing and putting in lawns , snow plowing , and yes even work on Dad’s farm. The problem is I think it’s bigger than it is😁
Man that sucks RL. Sorry to hear of your woes of winter. The older I get the more I despise dealing with snow.

This winter has been extremely easy snow wise, I didn't plow once, but I've been there battling snow and broke down equipment.
Well, heat treating is an extra process which takes time and money. So, if you want to save costs, it's a way. Not saying it's a good way, but it is a way. Also means the parts wear out faster and need replacement more frequently.

However, in truth, I suspect that JD simply outsources this part and the manufacturer has low standards.
Sitting here, south of Tucson, looking at snow reports and forcasts for home. Unfortunately we will still have snow on the ground when we head for home. Good news, the kids will have our road plowed out.
So far I like winter!
The stuff you need never seems to break in the off season.
Hope you are up and running soon.

Well the bad luck bug bit me again. While tilling neighbor’s garden I hit a rock and snapped off main shaft outside of bearing. She’s scrap now🙁
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Sorry to hear of all of your mechanical issues. Those events really ruin a day (or a month).

I had an issue with the front wheel drive on my Kubota tractor. I had to replace the front gears about three times. Finally, I took it to a different dealership. Apparently, during the previous repairs, not all the metal chips had NOT been completely removed from the axle casing and the chips were getting into the gears. The last dealer took the axle casing completely off the tractor and washed it out standing on end. He also thoroughly cleaned everything else. It hasn't broken since. The last dealer also when back to a heavier gear oil.

Hopefully the bad luck bug will give you a reprieve for a while.
I bought the tiller in 2002 and up to 2008 economies collapse , there was many of acres of lawns put in with it.