Solid Base at the Range


Apr 5, 2014
Trying out some 7mm 150 Grain Solid Base loads in the 280. Nothing spectacular but one load did print under an inch.
These are old factory seconds I got a while back. Also included were several boxes of 162 grain Solid Base and 154 Hornady bullets either of which I’ve tried.
Catchy music on your video! :)

Ya, that middle group looks pretty good. I like the old solid base bullets. Still have a few boxes in 6mm and 30 cal stashed away.

Regards, Guy
I have no doubt that the loads will work. The 280 Rem has been one of my favourite cartridges for some years. The cartridge has accounted for a good variety of game over the past decades. The solid base was one of the bullets that was used. I still have a couple of boxes from years ago.