Nosler Reloading Manual #3


Apr 5, 2014
I found four boxes of 7mm 162 grain Nosler Solid Base bullets in my bullet stash. Was glad to find the #3 Nosler manual has load data for them. Also the 150 Solid base data is the same as the Ballistic Tip and Partition data in this manual.

At some point I might get around to trying some of these in the 7x57, 7mm-08, and 280.
I’ve been using the 120 grain Ballistic Tip as the bullet of choice in the 7mm TCU, but it might be a fun experiment to try something heavier.

Something I found interesting is while looking through the pistol data for the Thompson Contender, the 7mm TCU has data for up to 150 grain bullets and the 7-30 Waters data only has 140 grain as the heaviest bullet.
That 162 gr bullet will really shine in your 280!
Never played with it myself, but my first 280 (Browning A Bolt) really liked the 162 gr Hornady's. Max load of IMR 4350 would put 5 rounds into an inch at 200 yards and packed a whallop on steel targets. Did pretty good work on mule deer too!
I wish I could find a bunch of those 162s in my stash. That was the best 7mm rem mag bullet until the 160 AccuBond came along. I used them with IMR 7828.
That 162 gr SB would be a great all around bullet.
I sure wish Nosler would bring them back.