Range session after work


Oct 15, 2009
I am attending a fun match tomorrow, an egg shoot. You have 5 eggs at 250 yds, 10 rounds of ammo, and 10 minutes. Shoot from a bench and use bags, bipod, whatever.

Anyway, after work I took the rifle I'm using, Tikka T3x Tactical 6.5 CM, to the range to verify zero. I fired 3 rounds , ran the data from my Garmin Chrono through a Ballistic calculator, and adjusted accordingly.

130 Sierra Tipped Matchkings over 42 gr RL-16. Averaged 2755, ES 7.3, SD 3.2.

I also tried out 150 Sierra SBTs and Nosler BTs in a new Henry 30-30 single shot. Groups were minute of deer but nothing to write home about. The ballistics were another story. I used 6.5 StaBall Match with data from the 2023 Hodgdon Annual Manual . It averaged 2485 (2483, 2485.2, and 2485.0), ES 5.7, SD 2)

I hope I can hold steady tomorrow.

I would say you’ve good that load nailed down👍
I’m thinking you’re ready for a robin egg shoot.
Nice shooting and load development!
Have fun at the shoot!
If you hold steady, you should still have a handful of shells when you're done!
Nice shooting Ron. Best of luck to you on the egg shoot match.

Are these pee wees, mediums, large or extra large eggs? :unsure: Inquiring minds want to know. Best of luck. It does appear that your load and riflery are up to the task.
Well, I placed third in the match, out of 18 total competitors.The eggs were glued to golf tees which were stuck in a board. You had 5 minutes to hit 5 eggs with a maximum of 10 shots. It case of a tie, the shooter's time would be the tie breaker.

I hit 4 eggs with 4 shots, hit the tee under the fifth, and had one miss in 1 minute 36 seconds. My time was best of all shooters, but two others hit all 5 eggs, and one other hit 4. Since my time was faster, I took 3rd. The prize was $50.

Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement.

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Congratulations on your match. You shot very well!