T-giving range session


Oct 15, 2009
After lunch yesterday I went to the range to try out some loads and my Garmin chrono. Rifles used were my Tikka T3x Tactical 6.5CM and a T3 Lite 30-06. The Tactical is topped with a Nightforce 8-32 and the 06 has a Bushnell 3-9x Trophy.

I developed a Creedmoor load using 147 ELD-Ms and StaBall 6.5. It averaged 2700 fps/14.7 Es/6.4 SD. 20231123_181122.jpg
I also had a 123 SST load my stepdaughter had used to kill deer very effectively the last several years. It used Varget and averaged 2795/Es 26.4/SD 10.8. 20231124_071531.jpg
Moving on to the 30-06, I had a load using Sierra 165 HPBTs and 8208XBR powder. It averaged 2760/Es 15.5/SD 6.3. Interestingly enough, it shot two groups the exact same size.20231123_182551.jpg
The second load for the '06 used 150 BTs and Shooter's World Match Rifle powder. It averaged 2917/ES 7/SD 2.9.
I was very happy with the performance of these loads and my rifles.

Well I think you’re pretty well dialed in with those rifles and loads. I would be happy as well.
Nice work at the beach and at the range.

Very nice groups. The 123 SST load is a great deer bullet at that speed. As for the 8208XBR and Shooters World, I never used them, they seem to work nicely in your favor.
How was the new Garmin chronograph?
TD284, in a word: FANTASTIC ! Super easy to use, gives all the info you need, and takes up virtually no space.

Get one when/if you can. I think you'll be very happy with it.

The range I shoot at always closes on Thanksgiving and Christmas so employees can be with family on those days. Been that way ever since I moved here.
Paul B.