Sometimes I can't help myself --New Sako


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Oct 30, 2004
Couldn't pass this up Sako 85 Hunter stainless with a beautiful wooden stock in 7 mm Remington Magnum should be here next week. What the heck am I going to do with it, I have no idea, considering I have a 7 mm Weatherby and a 28 Nosler.


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The question what to do with it is simple: own it.
Do you need more reason?
Sorry, then I am out...

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Hunting and shooting is like golf, you can't play the game with just one club! Nothing wrong with the #7 iron.

Beautiful rifle Fotis, congratulations.

Since when did we ever have to have a specific need or use to buy a beautiful rifle, Fotis?!? It's in a caliber that you already have bullets for it.

Did I need my "20" .30-06's?!? No.
But were they at the right price, and beautiful, OH HELL YES!! Did I stop at 1? Ummma NO. LOL


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As I told my wife the question really comes down to how many rifles do you need. The correct answer is one [emoji3516] more than you currently have. Like the SS and wood.

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Hard to beat the 7mm Rem Mag; great cartridge that performs well on big game.
Combine that with a beautiful rifle like that new Sako of yours, and it is just begging to be taken afield and harvest game that will feed you and your family!
May she shoot as good as she looks! (I only wish they offered it in left hand!)
And may you rack of the memories with it!
7mmSTW or 7mmWSM? The 7 mag Winchester should have made. Na... It'll be a BEE of some kind... My savage was walnut and in the white until I had it blued. Wish I would have had it Cerakoted in "gun metal gray". That one looks sharp for sure. CL
Oh I like a nice Sako, and that's a fine one.
and when they are a good deal its hard to pass them up