I was outbid


Aug 20, 2020
About 80 miles from me is an auction house called Albretch Auction. Well they do a monthly gun auction and this week I was bidding on 11,200 large mixed rifle primers. I bid up to $735 and that was my stop someone got them at $760 I would of had to bid $785 and when including fees and tax it would of came to $940. Add in gas it would of cost me around $960 so I stopped.

Now over last two gun auctions I did buy some metal.

First was around a 90s Browning A bolt Gold Medallion in 300 WSM that I paid $635 for, that was a good deal. I'm thinking the caliber was reason for deal. It had a 3x9 Nikon Monarch. I broke my own rule though of not to buy a weird magnum caliber and even though prices are not bad for ammo or brass the problem is you can't find brass.
Next buy was last month where I won the auction on a Steyr Mountain Rifle with a Nikon Monarch 2-7 scope in 30/06. I paid $785 total on that one. It's a neat rifle with some strange features compared to other brands made in Austria supposedly very accurate rifles. This version has a short barrel at 20 inches so good for deep woods deer hunting as it's nice and short plus the stock is beefy plastic so good bad weather type rifle.

I bid on some past Browning Bar rifles one was a .338WM but to me got to high in price but long term guy got a good deal as the .338 Bar Belgium made are supposedly rarer. I'm glad I live a little ways away from that place or it could become costly if I lived closer I would of likely made that $785 bid.
Sounds as if you did not too badly. The Steyr is a good snag. It will not doubt be a pleasure to shoot. I recall a couple that were a joy for me to work up loads. I've worked with a surprising number of the Gold Medallions in years past. They were always a job to shoot.
We have a couple online auction companies that do sporting goods (guns & supplies) monthly. People are just careless with their money in my opinion.