Savage 93 Flood recovery project


Dec 26, 2016
So this unfortunate model 93, 22WM was in my house with 5.5’ of water for three days.

Dropped off the gun at LGS and they went to it. 2 years later still not done… the issue… getting a stock. Also, my son dropped it off so I had to work through him to get updates and eventually the rifle back Ohne (without) the stock.

I see why they had trouble, but eventually I found Richards Microfit Stocks in Sun Valley CA.

I’m more than impressed. They CNC stocks for rifles. This is my FIL’s gun, so doing my best to return it as good as received or better as it’s on track. Next up I’ll stain the wood and apply a nice finish that brings out the grain. Look at the color and grain in this $122 stock. This is their standard grade. They have super delux grades and intermediate as well.
I noticed one mistake I made. For $29 they would have put the gun sling mounts in the stock. Will probably cost me that in parts alone.

Really wanted you guys to see the raw stock now. I imagine it will be months before finished as 1) still working, 2) OCD and 3) I tend to over think things…

Richards company name on my invoice.
Their web site is findable if you choose to go look.

I had looked at many of the usuals, but evidently most savage 93’s are heavy barrels and I didn’t want that sloppy look on this one. These guys just ran the spotter barrel program. Holes line up beautifully…

I’ll return to the thread when it’s don’t and give a close out report


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The stock looks great Mark!
I'll be watching this thread as I also have a M93 22 Mag.

Will be watching! I went with a Boyds on my 93FV. A nice stock makes a real rifle out of them. I will be jealous- I went with the "ply-wood" version. CL


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Richards makes a nice stick, ordered one in the early 90's for a LH rem. 788, they sent me a left hand stock for a right handed action, a phone call and they replaced it.
Will be watching! I went with a Boyds on my 93FV. A nice stock makes a real rifle out of them. I will be jealous- I went with the "ply-wood" version. CL
I actually lik Boyd’s stocks. Was disappointed they would only support heavy barrels. I like the color you chose. Have a 3030 from Marlin with the grey stain.
Savage could not provide one?
Perhaps- According to Boyds-Mine was a left over from a short run. The profile was cataloged as "Dakota Will". Aint them marketing types clever...? Dont know where they went with it but shortly after Savage offered a Laminate stock. I wonder if Savage went to Boyds for some proto-type ideas? Purely conjecture on my part. As you suggest Savage would probably sell you one now. Mine tok some filling in and work to get things to work. It might have been for an accu-trigger model- my rifle was older. Wish I would have, might some day still order a Maple one from Richards. As I said watching.... :) CL
I went to Savage USA web site and found if you creat an account you can send in a special Order. They do have an FAQ about getting a replacement stock. They say they have some for some models. I’m trusting my LGS did do that. The LGS I have is pretty solid. 2nd generation family business that sells a lot and services reliably.

Fotis, thank you for asking the obvious question. I should have called when I started looking.