Savage 99 Project


Dec 22, 2013
Progress is kinda slow. Took the rifle out to shoot and figured out the holes drilled and tapped for the scope are NOT factory... A little bit off (OK, a LOT bit off...) Not enough windage and elevation adjustment with my desired scope to zero in, so needed to change rings. Burris XTR Signature rings have the adjustment range I need, but require picatinny compatible bases, so also had to mill out the weaver bases to fit these rings. Got that squared away and the scope mounted the way I think it needs to be , ...

aaaaaaand... the weather decided to snow, rain, and blow again... Decided to stay warm and dry and use my window of time set aside to shoot to play with the forearm fitup. Very pleased so far. Took some head-scratching, but carved up the piece for the barrel channel and laminated it. Barrel now floats free of the foerarm and I'm simply left with carving it up for aesthetics and comfort, as well as cutting portions out to lighten it up a bit. Will add something light weight on the end to use as a forearm cap and then attach a sling swivel.


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Dec 24, 2006
Man, you made up a cool rifle. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the forend as you work it.