Caught Yet "Another" Great Deal!

Sold that 264 to a friend who wanted it more than I did! I can't help it, I'm tender-hearted that way, ha. I did bring the little Kimber 84L Classic (270) home from the SIL's. Will put the Burris 3x9 FFII on it and get back into the 270 Winchester Game! I will keep it/use it until the Grand-Daughter wants it back (to use herself or sell for school expenses later) OR I end up croaking at which time that particular SIL gets any/all guns I have here anyway, lol. I also ended up with a Mod 700 ADL Synthetic ('95-96) that has been rebarreled with a Remington take-off fluted stainless in 25-06. I'm not really all that into it, will sell it locally. In that Kimber, I have a load with the 110 TTSX and Hunter powder that is screaming, will certainly do anything I can do with the 25-06. Right?
Wow! I put the 25-06 on another forum's Classifieds last night, another member spoke for it a few minutes later! "I'm blessed in the field and I'm blessed in the City"! lol
After bore scoping that "new" 338/06 UL barrel I bought off Ebay, it had been shot before, had some rust inside. I told my Smith to just order me a Douglas #3 SS in .338 , ream it to 338 RPM and use my existing brake. By jingo, "make do won't do", ha Now I know for sure I can figure on a good shooter. Sure, I "could have left the UL 338/06 A-Square alone and been ok. But I wanted the Ackley. Sure, I "could" have left it alone then even when it did not give me the speeds I wanted. But then I had my mind made up that I just "needed to try" that 338 RPM! Really...when you get down to's "really Fotis'" fault! He posted those tight groups with his Wby UL in 338 RPM shooting those 175 Hammers! So hey...:)
Douglas' closest #3 in .338 cal was the "Winchester 70 Sporter" profile. Smith can make it work he said. I also told him to have it "fluted"to save maximum weight. About 3 weeks should be here. I'm keeping busy working up loads in my .270 Kimber. I tentatively have the Speer 150 in Nosler cases over 58gr IMR 7828, Fed 215M and the Nosler 150 Partition over 58.8gr of N560 in weight sorted/prepped Winchester brass/Fed 215M . It clocked "3032" from its 24 inch barrel, wow! :)
The .300 WSM is a nice cartridge. I had one in a BACO M70 for a while but for whatever reason, that gun gave me recoil migraines. No other rifle I have ever owned (including larger, more powerful ones) have done such a thing. My nephew owns it now, and he absolutely loves it. He's taken several elk including a couple of bulls, each with one shot. I load his ammo. He uses the 180 grain AccuBond on top of Alliant Power-Pro 4000-MR for about 2900 fps. It shoots good.

My father has one of the last New Haven M70 Classic Sporters chambered in .300 WSM. It has the grey laminated stock but is gloss blue finish. He has killed several deer and elk with his. When we started loading for it, he used 165 grain Partitions at about 3100 fps but once the AccuBond was released, we tried them (180 grain) and shot a sub-moa 5 shot group at 100 yards. We used RL-22 until it became tough to find and then switched to 4350 and 4000-MR.

I hope to end up with Dad's someday, I'm pretty fond of Winchesters!
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