I'm an idiot


Aug 20, 2020
Well I was playing at an Auction house about 80 miles from my home. I was bidding on a Ruger 77 stainless Mark II with a Boyds stock. I placed some bids over last weekend and decided I was done but the Auction got extended one day for website freeze they had Monday. Just for the heck of it I put one more $25 bid with about 6 minutes left I figured someone would outbid it. My last bid was $925 and as the seconds were winding down I won the damn thing. With fees it cost me $1050 but after picking it up the paperwork for the Boyd stock was $350 as the guy had gotten bedding installed as well. It still has the paddleboat stock and looks like an Older Redfield pre Leupold buyout. He had markings on the paddle stock 5/400 25/500 I'm guessing the bullet drop it's my first 7mm mag. Anyway overall I think it is not a bad price the rifling looks good, if you deduct the Boyd stock the original rifle cost $700 with the scope.
https://www.bidnow.us/lots/636817 The rifle

Today I found a Zeiss 4x16 Demo scope. I bought another Zeiss Demo scope years ago from Midway. This new place is first time buying from Red Hawk Rifles.
https://redhawkrifles.com/demo-optics/ In case anybody might be looking for a scope the prices seem good but from my last demo buy of Zeiss the warranty is usually only 5 years so keep it in mind.

So to my point I'm an idiot because it cost me a lot for a rifle not sure I really need since I already have about a dozen and almost forgot the brass I bought Thursday to start loading for it. Then I'll need dies, bullets etc. It is stainless so now I have more bad weather guns to use and the Mauser style actions are getting scarcer everyday so in ten years I could likely sell it for more than I paid for it.

What are good powders? I do have Reloader 22, Norma MRP, and possibly Ramshot Hunter. Maybe Reloader 17 but would seem too fast for the Magnum.
If it shoots good , you’ll feel better about your winning bid.
RL-22 is your best bet. I tried RL-17 in my 7mm Mag with 140gr VLDs , it works. My go to powder is RL-26 and 160gr bullets.
You may not be much of an idiot when all is said and done. I like the 7 RM; it was among the first rifles I bought, and I still have that original rifle. I used a lot of RL22 and RL25 in my rifle. H4831 SC and MagPro also produced some fine loads for me. What does need have to do with the acquisition of another rifle?
I don't know. Unless it's crazy like the M70 I posted about that's on GB, other than that I'm not sure you can make a bad buy currently, as long as the person has the money to do so. Good guns seem to go up by the month.

Agree with RL 338 and Dr Mike on the one powder listed. The one 7RM I worked with came alive on both accuracy and speed with RL 22. Hope she's a shooter for you. (y)
It was a little bit sarcasm I like the rifle would not of bid on it if I didn't but it is a little costly as now I got to gear up for it as it is my first 7mm. I may go on a Colorado Elk hunt next year if so this and my .338 wmag will both go with me. Luckily I checked Powder Valley for brass and got some Prvi before they sold out I really now only need dies and bullets which I will likely buy from Norma they have both 156 and 170 grain in stock. I would think a 156 should be good for Elk while still keeping above 3000 FPS.
Redhawk is a solid place to do business in my experience. Oh, and nice shooter you have there!
I was doing a search for scopes first time I heard about them and the Demo sale has some good prices so a 4x14 makes a good Elk scope for the Ruger.
You are not alone...as I do not believe that any of us are, or have been, immune to that feeling of momentary buyer's remorse at some point in our firearms past times! Or seller's remorse for that matter !
Many times, if we do not think about it too much, or beat ourselves up too bad over it, we will come to find that the purchase may be that hidden gem that we rarely find and ultimately become quite enamored with our new acquisition. It may prove to be very accurate, or develop a rich history of adventures afield taking game with family and friends.
Don't sweat it and enjoy! And may it become that priceless treasure in your stable of treasured firearms!

I didn't do a lot of handloading with my 7mm Rem Mag (Rem 700 LSS) while I had it, and it was very accurate, shooting less than 1/2' groups at 100 yards with factory ammo. It really liked the Federal Premium 165 gr SGK ammo, and I took mule deer, moose, elk and mountain goat with it. Really like the 7mm! Only sold it in order to acquire a left handed rifle. Ended up with a 7MM STW, but would have been perfectly happy with another 7mm Rem Mag!
I've just started working on another 7mmRM I bought. I too have RL-22. I loaded to Nosler's specs Saturday and with my first three shots at 200 yards using 150g Partitions I got this group moving around 3250 ft/sec: If I confirm next weekend I'll just call it good. (You also mention Ramshot, my buddy 7mm prefers that powder.) -B
The 7RM is a great cartridge, and I'd say you're doing quite well with that load. The 150 (or 154) grain can serve the serious hunter/shooter quite well.
I like 150gr Nosler Ballistic Tips or 160gr Accubonds in my 7mags,I have three.
With 150gr I load 67.5grs of Reloader 22 or 69.0grs of Reloader 26
With 160gr I load 66.0grs of Reloader 22 or 67.5grs of Reloader 26
Natchez had some Ramshot Magnum so I grabbed 5lbs and a set of RCBS matchmaster dies. Just need bullets which I will order today from Norma since 7mm is running pretty scarce and I have experience with Norma in my 30/06 so I will go with bullets I know. Only other thing is set of new scope rings as the new Zeiss is 30mm so old rings to small.
Congratulations on your does. Great way to try out the new rifle and loads.

Congratulations! I suspect your "buyers remorse" will decline the more game it takes, and the itty-bitty groups it shoots. ;)
Alright! Congrats. You're in business it sounds like. Got some tasty does in the freezer as well so you are starting out ahead of the game. Every yr has me a little nervous........the deer can sometimes disappear around here and my wife informed me last wk we are out of loose hamburg.