Sometimes not too hot works


Apr 5, 2014
Trying out a couple of old loads with the Pre 64 30-06.
The 180 Accubonds were a special run by Nosler years ago that actually have a hunter orange tip that shows up red in the photo.
These actually shot decent in another rifle. A little hotter load that didn’t do well in this one.

165 Sierra HPBT were a light load recipe that my dad loaded for me when I first started hunting.
They have done good in three different rifles and have put the hammer on several local blacktail deer over the years.

Having a shooting bench so close to my reloading room will make load development easier.
You might try 56.0 gr. W760, WW brass, WLR primer and the 165 gr. Nosler AccuBond. I took down a nice cow elk at roughly 100 yards, one shot, a short 30 yard run and down and out. Bullet hit a rib on entry and passed though the elk into the left long, literally pulverizing it. IIRC, velocity was about 2880 FPS. Rifle is a custom Mauser chambered to the 30-06. This was on my 2018 elk hunt. My last hunt was in 2019. None since due to medical issues, DAMMIT!.
Paul B.
Looks like a great bench. Yes, you will enjoy having it closer to the reloading bench. Glad you had one accurate load. Dan
Very nice! What a sweet old Winchester. Like the stock. Yes would be very handy to have a 100 yd range right at the house. I'm afraid that would be hard on my wallet and loading supplies. I couldn't help myself, be all I'd get done.
The rifle is very nice, and accurate.
I'm sure you will find an elk load in short order.
Especially with that new bench.