Swap for or buy a few of the .264" bullets.


Sep 21, 2012
Looking to swap bullets with anyone having the discontinued bullets I'm interested in. I'll also buy outright if price is acceptable.

I have these in 6mm to trade:

100 Speer 105 grain hotcor, in box
40 of the Nosler 95gr ballistic tip, in box.
80 Berger 95gr VLD hunting, in box.
A few hundred Federal 80 grain Power Shock (with cannelure), bulk.
A few hundred Speer 90 grain Deep Curl, bulk.
Plus, one full bag of Winchester mfg 6mm Remington brass, unopened.

and these to trade in .257"
One full box of Nosler 100 grain E-tip

Want to trade for or buy outright for full or broken boxes. "Seconds" are also acceptable:

Hornady .264" 100 grain spire point (discontinued)
Speer .264" 120 grain Hotcor (discontinued) NOT the Speer 120gr Gold Dot.

Small amounts for testing of the (all .264") 100gr and/or 120gr Partitions, Nosler 120gr E-tip, Lehigh 110gr Controlled Chaos, Barnes 100gr TTSX.

I may be missing a few of the discontinued bullets but mostly looking for under 130 grain, old style cup and core hunting bullets. Looking for "cheaper" bullets except for the small testing amounts.

Buying whole boxes to try out is hard on my fixed income budget!! LOL!

IF, and only if, someone has multiple boxes of any of the above for trade, I'll sweeten the pot by paying the 8 dollar USPS small flat rate box fee by adding a check or MO (your choice) to the bullets I send in return.

PMs preferred.........please.
God Bless you and yours,
Have some 100 gr. Partitions and 120 Speer Hot Core bullets if you are still looking.