Trade WTT .264" 140-gr Partitions - 8 boxes (plus a few others)


Dec 9, 2008
Having inventoried my bullets, I found that some of my standbys are getting a bit low and I have some other bullets I have not developed loads for and would rather not since primers and brass have been hard to find lately. Some are just bullets I want to quit using.

To simplify, my excesses are:
140-grain .264" Partitions (400 ea)
85-grain .257" BTs (500 ea)
70-grain .243" BTs (500 ea, I think they're all seconds)
70-grain .224" RDFs (500 ea, all seconds), and I'm willing to just sell these outright before trying them on hogs
162-grain .284" ELD-X (200 ea)

These are all in my backup inventory. I have some other open boxes out on the shelf I'll gladly count up if there is interest.

My needs and wants are:
150-grain .284" Partitions - critical need
70-grain .224" ABs - critical need
140-grain .264" ABs
95-grain .243" Partitions - critical need
115-grain .257" Partitions
90-grain .243" ABs
105-grain Hornady Match BTHPs
65-grain .224" GKs

We can determine numbers and values for any proposed swap. Some of mine are seconds, and some are first quality; I can let you know for sure if/when you express interest in a swap but I don't want to dig around in my stash unnecessarily at this point. You pay your shipping and I'll pay mine.

Please PM if interested.