The Wyoming Hunt, pronghorn & mule deer

Thanks so much for sharing a true hunting experience. Beautiful bucks, beautiful country, officially jealous and happy for you. CL
Thanks guys. It was a good trip. Ten days away from home, and Mama, was a bit much. We had intended for her to accompany me. The two of us have been separated too many times, for too long, throughout our 33 year marriage. I don't like that. But... Work called and she had to cancel.

So off I went, solo. It turned out to be a great adventure anyway, and I met some good folks along the way. Had hoped to see 6mmRemington & Fotis at least while on the trip, but that just didn't work out.

Had very little "down time" once the actual hunt started... Up early, out late, lots of walking, lots of glassing. Loved it.

Highlight was watching a 20 minute bout between two adult mulie bucks! Wow! I'd never seen mulie bucks fight so hard and so long before! Really wish I'd had a decent video camera to record that.

I didn't get as many good photos as I would have liked, but enough to capture the gist of the hunt.

Hopefully I can continue to hunt this area, at least every other year, if not every year. I enjoy the trip.

Be very careful about stopping in Big Timber Montana though - a fellow could end up with a Sharps rifle real easy...

Regards, Guy
Guy Miner":4q7qavkj said:
Be very careful about stopping in Big Timber Montana though - a fellow could end up with a Sharps rifle real easy...

Regards, Guy

We wouldn't want that to happen, would we? :mrgreen:
Guy, what caliber's did you shoot your animals with? Sorry if I missed it. It has been a bad week!
The good ol' .25-06 Rem 700 CDL, 6x scope. Load was 115 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip over Retumbo for 3120 fps, zero at 300 yards.

Antelope was a head-on shot to the chest at 160 yards from kneeling. Quickly dropped into position and took him.

Mule deer, first shot was at 280 yards, not a particularly good hit while he was walking, but he paused at 340 yards and I dropped him with a lung shot.

I still have the bullet from the pronghorn rattling around here in my jacket pocket. Need to weigh and measure it. I'm thinking about 50 grains is all.

Very happy with bullet performance. Better placement on the mule deer would have ended things quicker & closer.

Regards, Guy
Thanks Guy, That sounds like terrific performance from the .25-06, 115 gr BT at that velocity and range! My .257 R pushes the 110 AB at 3145 fps. They should be close on antelope. Good going on the clean kills BTW.
We always like reading your threads Guy, always a treat. Glad you had such a great hunt in beautiful country and took a pair of fine animals.
That is just Awesome Guy! Great pics! Great hunt! Great Story!

You know I have been hunting solo for about 99% of my short 21 year hunting career. There is something to be said about walking around the hills all by yourself.